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API for contracts

If you have an internal development team and are looking for a solution to analyze your company's contracts, our contracts API offers the same analysis performance that our platform provides. However, it is important to highlight that in this modality we do not provide a user interface for its use.


You have simplified access to the full processing capacity of our artificial intelligence, allowing you to optimize its use according to your preference and needs.


Don't be limited by restrictions. Our API charges on a per-usage basis, giving you the flexibility to dynamically adjust your usage according to your business needs.

Cost reduction

Customizing our platform is a chargeable service. We recommend that you leverage your in-house development team to adapt your workspace to your needs, thereby reducing the costs associated with using our product.


With an API, you have more freedom to integrate specific contract analysis functionalities into your own systems or applications, adapting them to your company's specific needs. (we provide this service, only on the "enterprise" plan)

Greater integration

You know better than anyone how your company operates internally. Use this knowledge to successfully integrate our AI into your platform.

Spending control

The API offers cost flexibility, allowing you to adjust usage as needed. For example, in a month when you want to reduce expenses, you can reduce your API usage, thus optimizing your costs.

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